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What differences does the 'S' and 20 inch wheels make?


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Have now driven 2 XF Sportbrakes. One was an 'S' on 20" wheels. With the 'S' does that also include sports suspension, i.e. stiffer than normal?

The other was not an 'S' but also on 20" wheels.

Anyone have experience of how less hard the ride is on 18" wheels compared to 20" wheels?

Awaiting a brochure which will hopefully answer the first question but in the meantime.....

One of the reason at looking at the XF is that hopefully it will be more comfortable on long journeys than my current car.

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Hi Paul,

I retired a couple of years ago after many, many, many... years of company cars.

They ranged from a Subaru Imprezza to a Mercedes A220 with  a couple of Renault Lagunas, a Lexus IS and a Citroen DS5 in between.

So... My dream car to actually own was always an XF. It had to have a good spec (3.0 S Portfolio) and it had to be metallic red (Claret).

And here I am now with the sexiest car in the street! With 20" wheels


  • goes like stink
  • handles like my imprezza
  • Sound system (B&W) is TDF
  • Ride is smooth
  • Ride can be hardened (Dynamic mode, "TRAC DSC")
  • It's just simply a hoot!


  • A bit thirsty locally (27mpg), but up to 40mpg on a long run 
  • Being 9 yrs old, it has had a few issues, expensive to get fixed, worst was inlet manifold cracked (£1300)
  • Chews through tyres (but I do have a heavy right foot (!!!)


I've got the car I always wanted!

But there is a bit of road noise from the 255/35x20 Pirellis. Normally cancelled out by the B&W sound system.


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Ride on my 19" wheels XF Sportbrake 2.2 200hp more than acceptable and look good too. Mine is an S but believe it is just the bodykit is different with a more aggressive front end and standard suspension.

Tyre cost should be a factor. Pirelli P Zero at Kwikfit:

20" £235

19" £163

18" £120


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