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Potentially a new owner!!


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Look before I start I know that most cars will have stuff go wrong with them I have an Insignia. 

But I have always wanted an XF so it's time to do it. 

But I figured id ask you so I am prepared.

What issues  are there with XF that you would want a new owner to know, or that I need to know about. It's a 66 playe R type I am buying. With a sunroof.. i say that with trepidation as you just dont get a big Vauxhall with a sunroof if you like being dry!

So is there anything I need to look at and be aware of before I part with my 18 grand?

Thankyou loads, in advance. 


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Welcome to the club, Toni.

The XF is a very good car and has been around since 2008 and is still selling well.

It succeeded the s type, one of the last ones is in my possession and has never cause me any problems.

Just check  service records of the car you want, look at its interior and if all is well I think you will enjoy your car,



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I bought my first Jaguar yesterday. 2009 XF. Smile been on my face all day. 
I know it’ll need the cambelt done ASAP as it’s done 96k but other than that, it runs beautifully.

im a really happy XF owner. So I’d say take the plunge like I did 😁

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I have not long joined the site guys don’t know why really as I’ve had an x type for years. I know some will argue it’s not really a jag or whatever but it was mine and bought it in 2006 on a 04 plate it has lasted till now with few issues so maybe I’ve been lucky 

anyway I am about to buy a 10 plate XF S 3.0 PREMIUM LUXURY at end of month and wondered if anyone has had similar buying experience, I haven’t bought a car in 14 yrs btw.

I am from Lanarkshire and the cars I seemed to like are in England in particular for this one Wakefield.

I have been chasing down different cars for appx 2 mth  and each one is gone ??

now I’m 52 but I was always conscious of the bargain and getting a few quid off the window as dealers wanted to deal but it seems nowadays that the search engines take the fun out of the deal as the dealers are all saying the cars are priced to sell no discounts etc 

some of the delivery prices are ridiculously expensive if the dealer is even willing to do that 

has this been a similar thing for others lately 

I think I have a reasonable deal but not a great on but at least the dealer is reputable so that’s something 


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I am having difficulty understanding the basis on which some of the internet ad sites base their 'good price', 'fair price' and 'over-priced'. Look at two similar cars at roughly the same price and one gets a good price label and the other a bad price label.

Then do a valuation on them and they give different figures!

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