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petrol which one ?


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Good Morning,

As it is a bit quiet on here I thought I would ask a rather inane question to see if it would liven things up!  On reading old posts it seems that a lot of diesel owners find that by using premium fuel they get better performance.  So my question is if I used premium 97 octane fuel ----

1/ Would I get a cleaner engine?

2/Would I get better performance?

3/ would I get more MPG?

4/ Would it be better for my car?

It will be interesting to see what answers I😒  get {if any }

Thank you    Grumpy 1941

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42 minutes ago, stopper said:

"Grumpy Old Men"


 Join the Club, Brian,

You would guess that I use premium fuel for the  2.7litre Diesel engine on my S type which I have had for just over 7 years.

I used ordinary fuel for about a year  and found that I was having to clean the EGR valves quite frequently.  I was told by a mechanic that premium fuel would assist both the EGR Valves and the DPF to be clean, as well as giving me a slightly better mpg.  The best mpg I have had was 50.2 mpg which I got when driving for Sutton Coldfield to Sheffield using the A38 and the M1, with the latter having a 50 mph speed limit due to road works.  The return journey using the M1 and the M42 was 46.4 mpg, [I did put the result into my Diary].

It did seem to work and the quietness of the engine and the smoothness of the drive has been great, so it could be the fuel, which is why I recommend it.




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I only ever use Shell V-Power (99 octane), the ECU is supposed to be able to 'learn' and adjust itself to improve performance when supplied with better quality fuel.

Could all be in my head but for the small premium over 'branded' 93 or 95 octane, it can't do any harm. 

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