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Good Afternoon All

Well, I’ve upgraded... I was more than happy with my 2003 2.5 S Type but after the service report about 5 months ago I realised she needed to go...and quickly. The replacement has put me on cloud 9. 2005 3.0 S Type, 53000 on the clock...I can’t wait for some meetings to start! Hope everyone is safe and well.

Attached some pics.CF7B513E-78D5-4F81-B335-E1C273F5080A.thumb.jpeg.4ee8cbfaf4f4eca3859798170c94be73.jpegE3482DD1-AB5B-416F-9FF1-479C8F3E93FD.thumb.jpeg.8ce22362675e3d039ac3de2c7d616b7c.jpegF8DF32AA-5FC2-4C45-BC9A-CE6923FDC3CA.thumb.jpeg.2994fc7d73401bbae07b54048b6d188e.jpegF1533AA0-90A1-443C-BFE0-98F7E601740F.thumb.jpeg.4708f0a2e887677f096b6a4ddd9e2f1f.jpeg

Dave K


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Hi Dave,

Wow - that is super-clean, and so few miles!

Just had my '11 XF-S detailed near Guildford - was a shame to drive it home in today's weather, but they took a few tears off its appearance!


Jon (also in Sussex)

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