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Does Jaguar not develop their cars fully?


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I am new to Jaguars only owned an XF for a few months. However, reading the various fora I am starting the think 'maybe the wrong decision'.

Currently, the resurrected thread on vibrations at 1500 rpm. There are also the Junction Box failings (expensive fix if Jaguar will not pay and often occur if the battery is disconnected) and various other things that fail that perhaps should not and are expensive to cure.

It would seem that Jaguar dealers try to play down any problems but are keen to take the owners money.



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Hi Paul,

I think that the nature of this group is to support people with difficulties, questions, etc., so it's easy to get the impression that things can be worse than they are. Back in 1983, I made a bad mistake by buying an old XJ6 4.2l. It was a monster and I was naïve. Between then and now, I had only company cars, loads of them! None were perfect, none were terrible. 

Two years ago came (semi!) retirement and my first owned car in decades. Always wanted an XF, had to be an 'S', had to be portfolio spec. Found one on an '11 plate. 

It's had a couple of minor issues (brake discs, suspension bushes) but overall, it's a delight - I still get a silly grin as I burble down the road out of the village and then let it roar!

I truly enjoy this group - it's a great place to go to for answers to questions that we all have from time to time, but by its very nature, you will tend to see the issues (and their resolutions). Maybe there should be a section for reporting the good stuff, as in my terrific drives to Ireland (Irish wife - visiting in-laws). Always so much better in my XF than in any Mercedes/Audi/Lexus/etc., that I had in the past!


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I wouldn't worry too much about your Jag, I have had a 2016 XE for two years now with no issues whatsoever, a friend who bought a Merc about the same time has been plagued with electronic problems, describes her car as a dreadful car. I have a big, old, fast motorbike and a Jag, one thing they have in common is the ability to put a grin on my face.

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I follow a guy on Youtube, who has a second hand car dealership, and reviews cars on a fairly regular basis (Matt, High Peak Autos (?))

He makes a very good point that ALL cars can develop faults, but many don't - it's just the luck of the draw. Some cars have known issues, but still don't develop those faults, and that comes down to 'Caveat emptor'!

I think the other point is that reading various fora might become a cause for concern, but remember - people rarely post messages saying how wonderful a vehicle might be, but will always !Removed!/complain when they have an issue - if Jaguar sell millions of cars, and a handful of people complain, is it really a cause for concern?

Finally, do bear in mind that modern cars are hugely complex devices, and the more complicated something is, the more chance there is for it to fail. In the past, I used to look after my own vehicles, but am now of the opinion that most modern cars should have a sticker on the bonnet stating 'Do Not Open - No User Serviceable Parts Inside'... 

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