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Brake light short 2002 s type

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My S type is showing a brake and tail light fault on the rear drivers side.  The application of the brake pedal produces a dull light on the brake light bulb.  I have changed the bulb with the correct P21/4w offset bulb to no avail.  It has all the appearance of a short in the light assembly.  Any ideas.       Jim C.   New member.   The old girl is in good nick so don't suggest I scrap her.

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Hi James, and welcome to the Club!

I am no expert, but the present weather conditions can give rise to water or at least condensation in the light assemblies.

You could try warming it up gently inside with a hair drier, and see whether that makes any difference.

Low battery can also cause a multitude of electrical faults, but this doesn’t sound like one of those.

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I had a flickering trunk light and this was traced to the wire loom from the trunk lid to the main body. The loom has to flex whenever the lid is opened and wires had become frayed. The wiring around the tail light has no leverage upon it, after checking for water ingress you might try the loom.

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Common fault on the s-type, all the bulbs have a permanent 12v feed one side of the bulb, other side goes to rear body module which switch the earth to bring it on

so if you touch the body while removing the cluster or accidentally putting the bulb in the wrong way round will pop a fuse

also make sure the bulb is correct 21w4w, but sometime they give you a 21w5w, which will go in but pop a fuse

theres 2 fuses to each rear light, make sure the fuses are good

there are no earth at the rears lights only positive feeds, as above, one side of bulb has a permanent 12v feed, earth is switch by the rear body module







if you need wiring diagrams have a look here http://www.jagrepair.com/

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