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S type R abs fault/DSC not available

Baza T

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First thing to do is check the battery voltage, these cars are prone to throwing up 'spurious' fault messages (ABS, gearbox, DSC not available, etc) if the battery is not in excellent condition.

It may still have enough power to start the car, so you think it can't be the battery, but a search on the forum will show how many issues are solved with a new battery.

Hope this helps.




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as with most faults, get the codes read, any answers on here are just pure guess work

get code read and see what the actual fault is, though this can be just a abs sensor and gearbox and engine use them

ideally you want Jaguar IDS/SDD plugged in, most generic code reader are useless and will have you chasing your own tail

as above as well make sure battery fully charged especially if it stood



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I had the same problem a bout 2 months ago. Could one of two things. Go into the sub-menu and clear all fault codes. Otherwise it will be a Reluctor ring/sensor problem.

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