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XF Premium Luxury Voice Control

John Mac XF

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15 minutes ago, John Mac XF said:

Hi All, I have just purchased a 2011 XF Premium Luxury. The Voice control is not working, I press the button on the steering wheel, the radio goes off but nothing else happens.

Any ideas how to re-enable it?

Activating the system
To activate voice control, press the voice
button on the steering wheel. A tone will be
heard and LISTENING will be displayed in the
message centre, to indicate that the system is
now waiting for a voice command.
Note: It is only necessary to press the voice
button at the beginning of each voice session.

If the above works as it should, you can give the tutorial a listen as there might be something in there......

Voice system tutorial
To listen to a tutorial on how to use
JaguarVoice, press and release the voice
button and, after the tone, say VOICE
The tutorial is divided into four lessons and has
a total duration of approximately four minutes.
The tutorial can only be undertaken with the
vehicle stationary and parked.


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