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F-Pace Engine Failure


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Jaguar F-Pace Advice gratefully received!
We bought a 3L V6 2016 Jaguar F-Pace from a Jaguar/ LR dealership and 33,000 miles later we have been told that the crank shaft/ engine has failed, leaving us with an engine replacement bill of between £9k & £15k. 
A goodwill gesture from the dealership has been offered of 40% (taking the cost down from £15k to £9k). 
If we opt to have the engine stripped to somehow prove that the engine was faulty when we bought the car (which would mean paying to have the engine stripped at our cost, around £2k) we potentially could get it replaced free under consumer rights act. But if the engine is stripped and Jaguar tell us the engine was perfect when we bought it, they could retract the goodwill taking us back up to £15k. Surely if a non serviceable part of the engine catastrophically fails, surely this is a manufacturing fault somewhere to cause this? 
We bought the car second hand and have only had 9,000 miles out of it since it became ours.
What on earth would you do?

Has anyone had a similar experience or know of faults with these makes?  Have totally lost faith in our car now as well as Jaguar plus the gut wrenching worry of this huge unexpected bill 😩

#GuySalmon #JLR

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Devastating news, I myself now own a F-pace (17 plate) and it does knock your confidence in the brand. I had a problem with my XF (64 plate) where the central junction box shorted out almost resulting in a fire. To cut a very long story short after facing a £1750 bill I firstly contacted jaguar crc and then searched the net for simular situations. It turns out that a service bulitin had been published by Jaguar North America which concluded the headlight washer pump seal had failed and resulted in water tracking along the loom into the cjb (argued part not fit for purpose therefore caused fault). Armed with this information and a large number of emails later jaguar graciously offered to pay for all repairs as well as a curtesy car. This brings me to your situation, I would search the net for any known faults (if you haven't already) which my have a direct bearing on you case. I did find a site the listing a number of F-pace faults, a couple are engine related.

Best of luck with your endeavours 


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Have you had a better resolution. Our 17 plate 3.0l has just done the same. It has full Jag service history infact was only serviced 4 weeks ago. A 4 year old car that now needs a complete new engine ! 

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