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Hi all.

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Hi everyone, hope you are all well!

I've only just found your club and I'm on my 3rd Jaguar now. I've previously owned a 2001 xk8 and a 1997 xj6 executive. I have very recently acquired a 2010 xjl portfolio 3.0 td which unfortunately has developed a very annoying gearbox fault. (Photo's of my recent acquisition at end of post)

I'm looking forward to sharing knowledge and just having a good chat on this forum.







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Hi Julie,

I look after my s  Type and have had the same mechanic for 20 years.  He has now retired and told me of another good mechanic who gave it a service and the MOT passed with with honours last week.

I used to have an X type 2.5 engine and manual gearbox - a great car that was stolen from me.  I managed to give the police a very goo description and all three of them managed to get some free accommodation for 8 years.

I lived in Shotton for 8 years while I worked at the Steelworks in the hey day.



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Hi Peter,

She is a gorgeous old girl I like the color.

She looks well cared for.

I am lucky got good reasonably priced Mechanic locally.

Sorry to hear about the x type- at least they caught them- scum.

I know the steel works, years ago I was relief Chef for company who had contract for canteens there.

I did cook there a few times.If you where there in 90s may have had one of my meals😃 

It's a small world.


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It Is a small world, Julie.

I left there in 1970 having had a "disagreement" with Brian Moffat.  I was the Staff Branches Senior official and he was later the Chairman of British Steel.  He didn't like me so I decided to take the offer of a job with the IRTC Trade Union.  I was there occasionally in the 1990's as the union's Regional Secretary.


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i think you made a good decision, Sad how are steel industry has declined.

I don't think Moffat is well  liked by many in the Steel Industry ,here in Wales probably not liked in Port Talbot much after destroying jobs in 80s

Which Jaguar do you prefer X or S type?

To be honest like X but aim to get another S, just something about them, love the shape.


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Hi Julie,

When I was a Full time Officer of the ISTC Moffatt had to come to out London Office and never looked me in the eye.  I had the last laugh, though — he dies when he was 71 with 5 people at his funeral.

I iiked the x type with the 2.5 all wheel engine but I wanted the s type from when I saw the Mk2 model at my friends garage in thersixties.

I got mine in June 2013 and have been most impressed.



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