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Fuel Gauge says empty.


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Hi, after driving to the shops, I started the car and was instantly warned that the fuel tank was low. I was sure there was three quarters of a tank but, to be sure, I went and filled it up. With a full tank it still told me that it was low. I've tried to find if there's a fuse for the gauge or sender but cannot see anything. Please does anyone have any ideas ? Cheap ones preferred 🙂




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Well ! Thanks to Youtube, I fixed the problem. it appears that there's a two pin connector actually in the fuel tank. I removed the rear seat, lifted the plastic diaphragm, disconnected the two fuel lines, opened the locking ring, lifted the unit and cleaned the little connector. For someone who was on a voyage of discovery, it took from lifting seat to replacing seat just under an hour. No low fuel warning and no £££ to a garage. * Feeling smug* I hope it lasts.

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