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There's a hole in my bucket, dear Lisa, dear Lisa

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Isn't DVLA wonderful? I have been waiting for my replacement licence for over a year now and the Covid amnesty is due to run out soon so naturally I'm trying to make sense of the situation with DVLA. Who remembers a song called "There's a hole in my bucket"?
I phoned DVLA, and got a recorded message stating that queries could not be handled over the phone owing to the present situation and please make use of the Web chat on the DVLA website...
After typing in my details three times in total for different webchat bots I got a definitive reply. "Owing to the present situation, your enquiry cannot be dealt with via webchat. please use the email facility available at our website...
So, I found the place and dutifully filled in all my details... again... and was given a reference number.
You know where this is going, don't you?
I just received an email from DVLA:-
"Dear Mr Eckett,
Thank you for your enquiry received on 3/8/2021.
Your case reference number is 0471XXXX.
I appreciate you contacting us to check the progress of your application.
Unfortunately, for security reasons we are unable to confirm the information needed to respond to your enquiry via email.
For further assistance you may contact the relevant department on:
0300 790 5555
Monday to Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm
We look forward to your call. "
Now, what was the phone number I called originally?
Oh yes...0300 790 5555...
There's a hole in my bucket dear Lisa, dead Lisa...
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I know how you feel like you're going round in circles, had similar problem last year with them🙄

Tried today to call RAC Breakdown for Husband 

Found 1 tele on line not open cb

Found another Tele  cb not open yet

eventually had to contact them on line to report breakdown, 

All I wanted was to talk to someone!

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Hi Paul  --Your not on your own on this I have the same problem --I did eventually got through on 03007905555

they said press 1 -2 - or 3 for this or that so I did this only to be told press A--B--C--for this or that I did that and

it rang a number and was told to hold on but they were sorry there could be a 45 min wait to talk to someone ???


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2 minutes ago, O.T.H said:

 told to hold on but they were sorry there could be a 45 min wait to talk to someone ???


Hmm, been there done that recently Frank. Phoned the it help facility at work "We know you are waiting we will be with you shortly, please hold. You are 286th in the queue"

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