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Good Afternoon To Everyone.

Have just registers as new member.

Have recently acquired a 2005 Jaguar S Type 2.5 Sport.

Platinum Metallic.

61,000 miles from new.

I am almost 72 years of age and always been a petrol head. Having owned such cars as Nissan 200SX (S12, S13 and S14). Nissan Skyline GTS. MG Midget, Honda Accord Gtr.

In my very early years 18/19 I had both an XK 120  and a Mk 2. Neither of which I cherished in any way at all but bought and sold them at good profits. That was the foolishness of youth and only wish I still owned them. 

Have recently lost my wife of 50 years and she never liked Jaguars, saying they were to pretentious. She passed away at home within 14 weeks of diagnosis and one of her last conversations was that I should acquire the S Type I had always yearned for. Since acquiring the car I have so far only clocked up 329 miles due to a period of not being too well myself.

Have already had to replace Ignition coils (6) and inlet manifold gaskets (done at same time. Now have yellow engine management light detection of showing again . Have done a diagnostic and it shows a detection of different readings on Catalytic Convertors. As the car was newly MOT`d at my request when I bought it and showed no sign of emission problems I will not be doing anything about it until it is needed.

Enough about me and problems, I look forward to future conversations with members.

Many thanks and Regards to everyone


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Welcome to the Club, John.

I am sorry that you have lost your wife - some one who thought about you told you to get a Jaguar.  My wife of 54 years bought me my Jaguar when my Rover was one his last legs.

I have enjoyed my Jaguar which I have had for just over 8 years and I think you will enjoy yours in the same way.

Bill Lyons said when he saw an earlier Jaguar "Grace , Space and Pace " and it means that you will enjoy your car whatever you do.




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Good evening John,


I am sorry to hear about your wife, my condolences.

You have had some beautiful cars in the past.

The S type is my Favorite Jaguar.   I  have just started looking for one to replace my current X type.

Thee X type is great to drive, but style wise I really admire the S type.

Your car sounds a real looker in Platinum Metallic, and only 61k.

I am not sure what color to go for I really like Racing Green and Seabreeze.

My husband is not an enthusiast but tolerates my obsession😃

He is more of a Land rover guy. The old type with no frills.

Personally I like my comfort, and you can not beat a Jaguar for that!







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