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S Type 2.8 Twin Turbo Diesel


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I have a 2005 Jaguar S Type 2.8 Twin Turbo diesel which has an issue with one of the cylinder heads and can't afford to repair it - it's free to collect to any of your members who would like to look after it.  It is a much loved car and I would hate to see it scrapped.  The brakes are probably locked on too as it has been sitting in my garage for some time.  It will need to be put on a flatbed or maybe towed.  New owner to collect.  Note the registration number has changed since this photo was taken.


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Hi Clive and welcome to the club.

I would have thought that one of the 6 cylinder heads could be repaired without too much expense by a good mechanic.

I had two cylinder heads on my Triumph Herald repaired for £14  — but that was in 1966 when £14 was a weeks pay.

Good Luck and hopefully the car will live for another day.



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