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Electric steering wheel adjustment thingy...


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Isn't the steering wheel supposed to move forwards and upwards on the XF to aid getting in and out of the car? I've got my steering wheel set quite low so if so, I would have thought it should move up. 

I know there's a 2-position switch on the steering column and I've tried it in both positions, but it never moves, other than when I adjust it myself. (i.e. it does move electrically when I want to adjust it, but not at any other time, such as to aid entry and exit). 

Just that our grandson is coming over at the weekend and he hasn't seen the car yet. He loves cars with gadgets, e.g. James Bond or the Batmobile and collects all the models so he'd love it, and I wanted to show him. Apart from that I'm not a big guy so it's not that big a deal, but I can't remember if I've read that it's supposed to have the feature or if I'm just imagining I read it somewhere.

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Hi Gary,

You're right, it is supposed to raise up when the rotary switch on the left of the column is on 'Auto'. I usually forget to set that after fiddling with the height/reach, but remember next time I get in!!!

If yours isn't behaving, there's probably an electrical gremlin somewhere, sadly.


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Seems to be working as it should now, but I reset the seat to memory position 2 then reset it back to 1 and it seems to be fine. Notably though it wasn't set to auto, maybe I've been turning it off rather than on.  

Had my first 200+ mile driver yesterday, up to the Lake District. First chance to use Dynamic + Sports for any length of time - what a machine this is! The handling is amazing, especially considering the size of the car. I struggle with lower back pain too, and usually spend a couple of days in pain after a longer trip. I'm perfectly fine this morning, slight twinge but nothing more and that's probably from walking around. 

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