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On the weekend i took the plunge and Bought my 1st Jag.  Im loving the ride, the quietness etc etc you know, all the things that Jag owners enjoy :)

However i need some help with something.  The VIN etc all bring it back as a Portfolio S on a 12 plate with 272 BHP however when i paid for the road tax it came back as £137 for the 6 months which equates to 169g/km or a 240bhp engine.  Is there any visual difference between the 240bhp and the 271bhp? I'm worried that the engine has been changed on it in the past.  I don't have the V5 yet so cant check that. 

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10 hours ago, Tomato said:

Others can jump in here, but 272bhp is a v6 3litre engine, the other two from this year are 2.2 liters from memory.

If you put your reg into the dvla site it should tell you the displacement.

The non S 3 litre was 240bhp

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