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air con issues

alan perrins

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hi all,


new to Jag and new to this forum... Hi!!!

problem with my air con, seems to work ok at speed but not under say 30MPH.


ive been told its the DPS valve on f/book forum, but garage says they cant locate part and want me to buy complete new unit!! 


model is a 2011 mk1 3.0d portfolio

any help gratefully received, thanks in advance


BTW, thought this would be a common problem and have searched past topics but found nothing?

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You may find the system might just need topping up. Have the system pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks, at the same time, they will be able to tell you how much refrigerant is in the system and whether it needs topping up or not.

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I'm very wary of non- specialists on aircon.

I took my car for a aircon cleanse and top up, left it for three hours, when I returned the 'mechanic' said it needed a new compressor etc., when I told him there was nothing wrong with it before he touched it, he told me to bring it back in a couple of days. Surprise, surprise, when I returned it a different bloke took it and a short while later I had a aircon disinfected and blowing ice-cold air. I still believe the first bloke didn't know the top-up valve was behind the front wheel.

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Starting point would be a re-gas. If cooling improves when car moving it is probably due to increased airflow over the condenser. If system has less gas than required for full efficiency  that extra airflow will be helping to improve the heat exchange.

Let us know if a re-cas helps.



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I think I have the same problem, as I had a regas the other week and ws told that it was low by 300g and did seem better at first, but now it doesn't seem to be working from start for at least 10 minutes or so, and like has been said seems better at speed, so I suspect a leak!! As it happens, It's got to go back in for a new battery fitted so I'll ask them to check the pressure again when I'm there as if it has dropped again then I KNOW there is a leek

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