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Absolutely gutted.........


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Well.........my dream of owning my Jaguar has just been shattered. Only had my 'S' type for 4 months and done less than 1000 miles and the AA had to recover it to the local Jaguar dealer with the gearbox fault light on and limp home mode only available. The AA diagnostic test showed no fault but the dealer tells me the faults shown are faulty gear ratio(??)and make no sense to them. They have told me the only answer is a new box at £3500...........To say I am gutted is an under-statement. Having spent all my savings on the car, paying top price from a dealer I now find that 4 months later it is a useless pile of metal. I should have followed my head and not my heart and stuck with Volvo.

Sorry to moan but I am so,so disappointed and angry.


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sorry to hear about your jag mate

I think you should search for a used or reconditioned gearbox, and then have it fitted indendantly. I know there are quite a few independant jag specialists.

Make sure you get a 12 month warranty with a reconditioned one.

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Yes, I was gutted with my S-Type too. I didn't have a problem with the gearbox on my S-Type, but just about everything else seemed to be going wrong so I got rid of it and bought a foreign made car. The build standard on my S-Type was not good. I had it from new in Sept 2006 and it was the most beautiful and expensively bad car I haves ever owned. Don't think I will be owning another Jag. The Coventry kids let me down.

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This topic has just come to my attention, if the car was bought from a dealer, did it not come with any warranty, I would have also contacted Jaguar regarding the problem

as the dealer did not actually know what the problem was, a new box could have been fitted and the problem may have still been there, could be just a sensor dirty or faulty, hope you find a car that is trouble free, good luck.

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