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Your Fav Car Music?


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What music do you listen to in your car? Let’s see what peoples tastes are like on the club :) I like a bit of Rihanna, tinchy stryder to down to a bit of classicial to suit my mood. Whats Yours?

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Depends on the mood, I like most types of music, like Adele's last single and and Alicia Keys Empire state of mind, my favourite groups used to be ELO and Hawkwind, but most of the time I listen to the radio. biggrin.gif

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If you have a sub woofer then I would recommend many of the works by popular beat combo "Bloc Party".

If feeling sick, because your sub woofer is is set a little too high, is your "thing" then many of the currently popular "Dub Step" artistes offer much in the way of entertainment. Personally, I would recommend the work, in the form of remixes, by "Skream".

For a man of my age, prog-rock still haunts me. The group "Transatlantic" offers a revival of the classic form including, on their latest long player, a 72 minute long track. Ideal for those long journeys.

Lastly, I cannot consider driving music without mentioning "Faithless", the sadly now defunct group.

All of the mentioned music is best served loud! :D

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