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07 S type suspension question

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My S type has a very low back end so much so whenever I go over a speed hump or up a steep gradient it grounds, I've only had the car since end of July this year and my previous car was an X type, just wanted to know if anyone had any other similar issues and what they think it maybe? I've got a warranty with the car but they are saying they are not willing to cover it as it was there when I bought the car but I didn't go up any steep gradients or over any speed bumps to notice anything wrong? The car has been well looked after with only 68k on the clock but for first couple weeks I had it there was a starting problem where the garage had keep it for a while to figure out what was wrong, turned out it had Jaguar watch fitted. Anyway just want to know what anyone thought?

Thanks in advance as always.

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dhi and welcome to the club


does the car have a tow bar?


mine is fine over speed bumps so sounds like the shocks may need replacing or you could have a broken coil spring

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And thank you for reply, yes it does have a removable tow bar, I've not used it myself and probably won't but I was thinking on same lines broken spring or shocks just wanted someone to confirm? I think next step is to put into garage to get an idea of cost, thanks again,


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