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Rover 75 CDTi to X-Type 2.2D Estate

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Dear All,


Enjoyed 11 years trouble free motoring in the R75 (still on original exhaust) and switched to a 2.2D SE est last week. Rover build quality is a fraction better, and maybe its poise on the motorway, but apart from the firmer ride the Jag is much more fun. Great accel, great stereo and fantastic heated seats. I hope the economy can match the rover, but very pleased with the switch indeed.

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Welcome to the Club, Simon.


Similarly I had a Rover Sterling 2.5 Auto for 11 years till I changed to an X Type 2.5 AWD.


The Rover was a passengers car, but still a good drive.  The Jaguar is a real drivers car and far more fun to drive.





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Welcome to the club.

You did well with the Rover. I've owned 3 in the past and, like my French cars, vowed never to own another so long as my lungs have air in them.

Either you got the pride of the production line or I got all 3 Friday cars!!

I found build quality to be dreadful and the chassis on my 820 Vitesse would have been better use supporting fairy cakes instead of the 2.0 Turbo!

I've had some excellent cars but the Jag is firmly in my top 3. All 3 Rovers are in my bottom 6 along with my 3 other French cars.

Hope you have a long and lasting relationship with Jaguar and if you need any assistance, this forum is great!

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My Rover was a Foreman's Friend, Mick, destined for the MD of a big Rover Main Dealer. He kept it for 8 months and then changed to a Rover 75.


Friday night cars and Monday cars are the ones to avoid.


The two Jaguars I have had are the best cars I have ever driven in 50 years of driving.



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Thank you for the messages. I know people who have not had it all their own way with the 75, but apart from being lucky, I swear by the Honest John website for hints and tips, regular oil changes from a trusted mechanic friend and generally looking at/ listening to the car. I did 181K in the old one; my Jag has 58K on it. It's a good feeling when you put your foot down in 3rd/ 4th. Looked at S type but thought X type would better suit. Great visibility all round with the estate. Very high quality leather on the seats (compared to facelift 75s though even these have stood the test time). I think Peter puts it well when he talks of the Jag as more of a driver's car.



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Hi Simon...and welcome to the club !


I too have owned Rovers in the past...in fact still have an MG ZT in my garage (non runner!).

Rovers are great cars overall but they were never destined to set the world on fire.

Glad to hear you have now defected to Jaguar


Regards   Trevor

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