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Xkr. I'm a new member and as yet I am not a jag owner. I have a little money coming soon and will be treating myself to a xkr probably between years 1997 and 2002 (I'm not loaded)

I have read about some of the issues that could occur and I'm determined not to be put off but would like to know what I'm getting into regarding general costs like servicing and the cost of addressing said issues. Please advise.

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Welcome Kevin,


If you stay away from the stealerships and try the garage Peter recommended, the servicing shouldn't be too bad .


The XK is fab, just wish I'd bought one instead of the Aston Martin!


There is just something special about having a Jaaaaaag !




Trevor (representing the south)

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Thanks for the replys chaps, I live in Barnsley, South Yorkshire so the specialist in Doncaster sounds ideal and I will look him up. Also on my mind is that the xkr s I've looked at are broadly the same as in mileage and spec but there seems to be a difference in price of upto 2 or 3 thousand pounds but doesn't seem to

be age related. My budget is around £8000 and I'm worried about spending this amount on a 12 to 16 year old car.

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                Don't worry about the money, as they say, "There aren't any pockets in shrouds"


Take a friendly mechanic with you in return for a few beers, to give any car a look over .


Peter and myself are old, but worth every penny ........... Oh wait a minute !





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Kevin, a lot depends on the car's history and its service record.  I keep a file on my car, as with other cars I have owned, which contains MOT certificates, bills and receipts, and indeed anything I have ever bought for that  car.  A bit nit picky, I know, but is does show that the car has been looked after.


Accident damage is something that only an expert can tell, but evidence of a respray can easily be found in any car.  If, as Trevor says, you know a friendly mechanic, that would help, and it would well be useful to have a chat with the Jag Specialist in Doncaster for things to look out for.  He might even be able to point you in the right direction.


I worked in South Yorkshire for 12 years and there are a lot of friendly people there.





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hi kevin welcome to the club. as peter says when buying a car your looking for old mots, and receipts of any work carried out buy previous owner or owners. if not the case. why not get the aa or rac to do an inspection!!!! cost about 200quid but worth it for peace of mind. my son got one done on a bm 325msport last year buy the aa and hes never had a bit of bother . i got my xk from dealer so got approved warranty . but if i was buying private i would do that the aa check everything. they could tell my son that the paint on the drivers door was thicker than the rest of the car. they scan the body work. turns out the drivers door was dinged and the guy had taken it to a garage to get it filled&sprayed. cheers charlie

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