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How much oil do i really need ?

Karl Jones

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Hi Guys

I'm stuck, I've dropped the transmission Oil and I only got 4 litres of black tar out, but the nice man at Jaguar Warrington said I will need 9 litres to fill her back up. Its not that its cheap, £22.60 a litre.

I've ordered new filter, gasket and Oil, but I really don't know how much to fill her back up. I know how to fill and check her level of Oil. just wondering if nice man from Jaguar was having a laugh.

I'm working on the 2000 X Reg S Type 3.0 litre V6. Cant find any help on the net about amounts of oil, but 9 litres seem a bit much. If she needs it she needs it. I'm not going cheap on her, could always sell a kidney or my first born. So if any one can help me please shout back or PM me as I'm going in the morning to buy the parts.

Cheers Karl

only joking about the selling of a kidney, the first born is still up for offers....

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hi karl spoke to my mate just ther he thought about 7ltrs but cant be sure. he said to tell you after 6ltrs just add quarter litrs at a time. sorry i cant be of use charlie

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The thing with auto boxes is they quote the total content, when a lot of the fluid is in the system and in the torque converter and not laying in the sump.


Dealers do clever things like disconnecting a pipe and draining from one end whilst filling at the other to ensure all the old fluid is out.


I am sure it does not need £22.60 per Litre fluid, I have not had time to look into Jag stuff yet, but its probably Dexron 111 or something..........anyone know what fluid to use?


My recommendation if its as dark as you say is to drain and refill, run the car, then drain and refill again, you will not get all the old stuff out, but you will get most of it.




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When I changed the Oil on the Jatco box on my 2.5 litre Rover 75 I used about four litres, it is almost impossible to drain out all the Oil and you can only change about half of it, but if you change a few times you will eventually replace most of it.  Mine performed really well after a couple of changes, so what you have done so far is probably sufficient…..



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Welcome to the Club, Robert.


I had a Rover Sterling 2.5 Auto which I had for 11 years and never had the gearbox Oil changed in 122k miles.  The Oil was always nice and cleaner whenever I checked it.


The S Type auto seems to benefit from a gearbox Oil change at 75k miles of so, but the old saying that if it is not broke, don't fix it is not a bad one.  I


Enjoy you Jaguar and enjoy the Club.



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