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2000 3.0 V6...My Misfire Ignition Problem ...solved


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Just to report back as promised...Car had been laid up for 2 years with full service history prior... I had an intermittent  misfire and flashing engine management light..the problem got worse as the engine got hotter. I replaced the the plugs and bolted it all back (inlet side) no difference, I replaced the three easy to get at Coils better...but still problematic...so I girded my loins and turned my truss up a notch and went back ...behind the intake again..replaced those three coils and...perfection. So really pleased if I could just work out how the glove box is retained i'd be well chuffed!

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Thanks for the update, Brian.


The glove box issue really needs you to have a look at what the inside of one of similar vintage, and then work out what needs to be done.


There is a Charity Car meet in Alfreton in aid of St John's  Ambulance Brigade on Sunday where quite a few Club Members will be there, and you could well find a Jaguar there to compare your with there, should you wish to cross the border into Derbyshire.





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There should be two rubber stops, one at each side.  you have to sort of look up from the underside. If you don't have these you may see two holes. The stops look like two square rubber bungs that just push in to the holes. I would think that they are available, and not to difficult to fit. Hope this helps.



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