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Key Fob programming!?

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Hi all. 


My X-Type only came with one key, so did some googling which said that you can reprogramme second hand keys yourself, so i bought a second hand fob from breakers, had a new blade cut, but guess what! Won't programme!


Was told to put key in ignition, turn to position 1, then turn to on, repeat four times, wait for a chime and press any button. 


Am I doing something wrong, or was I led up the garden path?! 


Any tips welcome, before I take out a second mortgage and visit Jag dealer!



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Was afraid of that! Just saved meself a bucket load with my sparking sensors tho! They wanted £138 just to plug car in and tell me what was wrong, without doing anything! I managed with the aid of Google to do it meself for nothing! Makes me smile!

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Peter is right. when I had a new key given to me under warranty, I had to take the car to the stealership ( 130 mile round trip), they put it on a machine and then sync it to your car.


Haven't got one, but those diagnostic plug in scanners to find fault seem a good investment .


Which part of Devon are you from Robin ? picking my XK-R up from the Grange in Exeter on Monday or Tuesday .




Trevor ( Ilfracombe)

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