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rear brakes disc and pad renewal ehb


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found this any help??


For those who want to change the rear pads Jaguar recommend that the EPB (hand brake) is calibrated as detailed below.

This is taken from Topix and is an update that applies to ALL XF's and supersedes TSB JTB00208/2010 dated 31 August 2010

Cars Covered

S-TYPE VIN Range: M45255-N91220

XF VIN Range: R00001 Onwards

XK Range VIN Range: B00001 Onwards

XJ Range VIN Range: G00001-H30057

XJ Range VIN Range: V00001 Onwards

After completing any mechanical service work on the Park brake actuator, Park brake cables or rear brake calipers

through which the Park brake operates (including brake pad replacement), the Park brake must be re-calibrated to the

procedure in this bulletin. Failure to do this may result in incorrect operation of the Park brake, with warning lamps

illuminating and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) C1801-00 or C1802-00 being stored.

1. Reset the EPB module as detailed below

a. Switch off the ignition.

b. Disconnect the battery for 30 seconds (see TOPIx

Workshop manual, section 414-01).

c. Re-connect the battery.

2. Start the engine.

3. Firmly apply and release the footbrake five times.

4. Confirm that the message 'NOT CALIBRATED' or 'APPLY FOOT

AND PARK BRAKE' is displayed on the instrument cluster

message center. This indicates that the parking brake is in

calibration mode.

5. Lightly press the footbrake pedal.

6. Apply the parking brake by using the EPB switch.

7. Release the parking brake.

8. Release the footbrake.

9. Confirm that the brake warning lamp is no longer illuminated on the

instrument pack and that the 'NOT CALIBRATED' message is no

longer displayed in the message center.

10. Apply and release the EPB five times to ensure no error is present

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