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Chrome Bumper trim 2000 s type


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I wonder, before I make a hash of it..The chrome trim on the o/s front bumper has a graze in it so I've just bought a replacement.

Are these easy to fit..is there a knack..any tips on fitment much appreciated



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Hi there

I just received 2 crome finishers from uk for my 2003 S-type 3.0, front right and rear right. It shows that they both have 8 clips each, 4 along the top edge and 4 along the bottom edge.. I dont want to try to bend them out of the bumper with a screwdriver or try tu saw the clips off with an iron saw blade as one suggest on the net. I also do not want to remove the whole bumper !!  

There is plenty of room between the clip rows. I intend to carefully split the trim along the middle from front to rear end with a cutter machine or a Dremel cutter. They are waste anyway !  The 2 halves will then be alot more moveable and easier to pull off. If the clip brakes I may still be able to pull it out or I may simply push it into the bumper where it can rest in peace. The new ones can be pushed in place.on the bumper :-)  'll send a post when its done


Terje Stendal


-65 E-type fhc

-79 XJS V12

03 S-type 3.0

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Hi again.

The bumper chrom is replaced and was pretty easy. You just have to be very careful not to cut in to the bumper itself.

When splitted, you bend one of the half parts out and carefully use a small screwdriver to press the chrome clip out. 

The new chrome parts are a simply pushed on to the bumper.

Regards Terje Stendal





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