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'S' Type Diesel

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What do you call an older man's version of a mid-life crisis? In my case it's a 2005 blue 'S' type 2.7 diesel that I bought yesterday. Did I enjoy the drive back from Birmingham to North Wales? You bet. The only problem seemed to be that the heating was stuck on hot, with no apparent way of turning it down. This meant I had to drive with a couple of windows open - and Neil Young turned up a couple of extra notches on the excellent sound system. 


I have only had 'ordinary' cars before. I think I'm going to enjoy being a Jag owner.  :D

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Welcome to the Club, Alan.


The S Type is a great car to drive, and I find it very lively even in the diesel version.


The drive back from Birmingham to North Wales is a nice drive in any car, but I think it would have been extra special in an S Type.


You might need to get the air conditioning --  sorry, climate control -- regassed, and there are quite a few garages that will do it.





Former Shotton Steelworker.

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Thanks Peter.


I am unbelievably excited to be able to be part of the Jaguar Owners Club - not something I ever expected to do.


Thanks for the heads-up about the air-con (climate control) a couple of other people have suggested that - and my garage is going to give the vehicle a once over for me and have promised to test that.


I see you are in the West Midlands. That's where I bought the car from - near Redditch.

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Hi Alan,


Redditch is the opposite end of the West Midlands to me, although I used to have to go there quite a bit when I was working.


I am in Sutton Coldfield   ---  just 6 miles from Spitfire Island where the S Type and the Spitfire were made.


Let me know how you get on with Climate control.  If you have not got the Owners manual you can down load it from the Internet.





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