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    Here's my opinion on the issue! (sorry if I come across as bumptious but I have very strong feelings about this subject). First and foremost, the people, bodies, associations, etc that are debating the move to electric and demonising diesel engines are not automotive experts and very rarely are the motoring societies truly represented in meetings to discuss the future of motoring. Secondly, automotive technology is probably at the peak of innovation and cannot go much further with technological advances in the internal combustion engine....this also applies to trucks, diggers, ferries, generators...in fact anything with an ICE. The way forward is not via the electric route, albeit the Hybrid combination is by far the best option. Full plug-in electric cars will not save the planet and in fact, will have a huge impact on the planet and our daily lives (see recent press articles about EVs having to produce noise to avoid running over pedestrians that may step out unknowingly). Looking back in motoring history, steam cars and electric cars were used back in the 1910's in France (examples are in the Le Mans museum) and also 'Wet Scrubbers' were used on diesel engines which totally captured all particulates.....why have we gone to huge extremes to reinvent the wheel? Glad thats off my chest now but unless we have the infrastructure in place to successfully provide the power to run electric cars at no cost to the environment then it is not a viable way forward. Don't even get me started on autonomous cars 😞
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    Just my 2p's worth... If we all move to electric, aren't we just shoving the emissions up to the electric generators, at least until they are all powered by wind/solar/ whatever. Also, there are (I believe) some quite toxic materials in batteries, that will need to be dealt with by future generations. Frankly, I don't differentiate between diesel & petrol; just happen to have a diesel atm. Often thought about a Tesla, but it all comes down to range and charging times. When it gets to the point where I can drive 300+ miles and then refill (recharge) anywhere in 5mins, it becomes viable, but not yet! Just my 2d's worth (in old money!) J

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