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    ha ha, cracked it! Wrong Hub supplied, all the same apart from where the Sensor fits, slightly off! Bugger!
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    Our very own Peter Lightfoot aka Old Peter (moderator and contributor to the JOC) has published a new book about the history of Jaguar and below is a brief synopsis: A unique perspective of the Jaguar car company over the decades and the people that made the company and motoring history. So many superbly illustrated and technically explicit books have been written about Jaguar cars over the long and successful existence of the marque, but not many have been written about ‘the people’ that created and shaped the future of the Jaguar brand. This book is dedicated to the bosses and employees that made the Jaguar brand a truly legendary car brand, recognised and respected worldwide, both on the roads and the race tracks. Now available as an e-Book, this new book giving an insight into the history of the cars and the people that created the world-leading prestige car marque Link to more information and to purchase: http://bit.ly/JaguarBook

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