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  1. Agree with O.T.H and could also be the turbo emitting smoke but also build up of carbon that will eventually clear if revved enough over a period of time
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  2. Sounds like a scam becareful
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  3. There is a known bug in this release... No turn by turn sound when using Apple CarPlay navigation. From another site: After installing this update I have lost all sound to my CarPlay navigation turn by turn instructions (it's not the volume). All music apps work with sound, Waze, TomTom, Apple Maps, Google maps have all lost sound. This is a known problem and JLR have issued a bulletin about it on TOPIx. It's SSM75415 - InControl Touch Pro - Post 21A Update Apple Carplay Navigation Voice Guidance Not Heard
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  4. wonder if any one can help me with a alarming call just had from jaguar insurance claiming that other insurance companies are using non jaguar or recycled parts seems very strange to me or is a way to get people to buy their insurance
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