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  1. Hello Peter old boy, did you miss me..? I went and had a stroke didn't I..! A lot better now and it is good to be back, but I don't half miss the Jag mind..!

     Speak again later, the wife is on the war path and I have to go back to bed for now

    GOD Bless,

    Phill (Port Talbot)

    1. Old Peter

      Old Peter

      Hi Phil,

      I did miss you, and wondered where you had gone --  maybe moved to an area with no wifi?

      Glad you are getting better and I hope you will be soon ready to be out, seeing the world, and enjoying the fresh air.  I am sure "He" Who Is would like to see you back.  As well as that, your wife is looking after you very well.

      I have just finished writing a book about Jaguar and you can find out more about it on "Transporterama" the online book store.  I will send you a copy when the printers have done their job.

      Meanwhile, my best wishes, and my regards to your wife.