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  1. Hi, my van was smoking bad under hard acceleration and sometimes it smoked all the time, I bought an egr blanking plate, got the tuner to fit it and delete the egr from the ecu, After l that No smoke now !!!
  2. I think everyone has an opinion and nobody’s option is either right or wrong, which is why it’s an opinion, in my opinion a smear of copperease Which is an anti seize compound not a grease as such is a good option to do on any hub mounted surfaces and on wheel threads, I’ve never had any wheel nuts come undone and I’ve been in trade for 35 years,
  3. In that case Leave your discs standard and fit EBC RED STUFF pads they have low dust properties, but please do put copper grease on your wheel studs
  4. Ahh so he did, hope it’s ok now and you’ve regained good mpg
  5. Well, I know for a fact because the companies delivery driver told me, “@@@@“ “@@@@@“ in Stockport, collect contaminated fuel from the AA and RAC fuel contamination sites (All collected from missfuelled vehicles) in a tanker, this mix of petrol and diesel gets chemically washed and left to seperate back into petrol / diesel before he mixed it 50:50 with new clean fuel then sells it to small independent garages at a reduced rate. the delivery driver tells me that the petrol is ok but the diesel is a weird cloudy colour and isn’t 100% true clean fuel, which is why I use a high grade fuel from a well known stations for all my fuel
  6. They are a sealed unit, so you have to replace the whole unit, but !!! if it’s water ingress / steaming up then take the bulb out and dry out with a hairdryer and then once dry, replace the bulb making sure the seals are intact
  7. This is going to sound stupid and nit rational at all, about 10 years ago a work colleague had a Mercedes and she had all sorts of strange things happen, lights flashing, wipers going on and off by themselves, stereo coming on and off, turned out to be the battery itself, we changed the battery for another INE we had lay about, and all the problems went away, weird I know but worth a try
  8. I took my battery off to drain the ecu, as I was having issues, I refitted a brand new battery and made sure the terminals were tight, but the bms light is now on and the front/rear heated screens and the heated seats won’t work !!! any ideas anyone
  9. I’d drain it all off and refil it with fresh diesel, my van was misfuelled with a ratio of 50/50 but still ran, after 100 miles the dpf cracked because of the extra heat caused by the petrol, £2500 later it’s fixed, wish I’d spent £150 getting it drained now !!!
  10. All jaguar x typed 2.0 and 2.2 and the mondéis suffer with injector and pump failure at about 100,000 miles the only way round it is replacing the injectors with genuine Jaguar ones, I know recon ones don’t work as I have tried 2 different coded sets, then if your lucky the coil light will stop flashing, if not the injector pump needs a recon, cost me £2000 to get it sorted
  11. Hi, you can get EBC red stuff pads, It sounds like you like to drive it fast so my advice is red stuff brake pads and drilled and grooved discs, but most importantly copper grease your wheel nuts I had to buy 12 new ones after I welded them onto the wheel studs
  12. Ok so I have a 2010 XF v6 diesel the heated front and rear screens dont work, the heated seats don’t work and the bms battery light is illuminated all was good before I disconnected the battery to drain down the ecu any ideas how to clear the bms light and restore the working of the seats and screen heaters
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