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Halfords discount


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Recently joined Premium Membership and received my Halfords discount card and T shirt. 
Documentation with Halfords card states I may need to present my JOC membership card - this I do not have.
How do I go about getting a membership card.


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hi john  dont think ther is sutch a thing as a membership card. but i have used the halfords discount and just presented it at the check-out they took it no question regards charlie

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Got my Halfords card yesterday so went in today to get some T-cut, some cloths and wax, £18.99, so that I can try and get a shine on mine tomorrow.  The guy at the till had obviously never seen one before and asked two other staff members what to do with it and they didn't know either.  apparently the trade discount cards are normally swiped but the instructions on our card are to scan the barcode.  He couldn't get it to work so gave up and just knocked £5.00 off.  By my reckoning that's 26% not 15% so I was happy but there does seem to be a lack of awareness in store

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