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Air conditioning

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hi Robert

               if it just needs a re-gas its about a 30 - 45 min job there's lots of small companies out there that do this even mobile units cost from 35 -60 depending on where you go

my last re-gas cost £47 inc vat

hope this helps


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Robert hi. the xk can suffer from issues from re-con system. owners reporting wet glove boxes&foot wells. but I would tend to get it re-gassed then see what happens. joe

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The wet foot wells etc are down to a blocked drain and does not affect the temperature output of the air con.

Sounds like the system needs re-gassing. A good re-gas will check the system for leaks, clean it then re-gas it with the appropriate level of additives.

Make sure when its re-gassed that there are no leaks in the system - the operator/garage should be able to confirm.

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Access to the drain is extremely difficult. The drain is hidden under the dashboard at a position on the transmission tunnel which is just behind the touch screen. It drains excess water from the air-con at a position directly above the gearbox in the transmission tunnel. It is not possible to directly see it from above or below the car.

i would first check for wet carpets in the passenger footwell - this is where the problem first appears.

The Jaguar fix for this problem involves removing the dash and the air-con assembly to replace the drain - there are various other fixes that have varying levels of success.

If you need further info, I have a number of documents I can forward to you but I'll need to work out how to add them to the forum.


Hope this helps






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your not kidding about difficult access to the drain,

took the car down to some friendly chaps and they gave the system a full health check and a regas,now i have proper cold a/c,all ready for the summer now.

Thanks for the help and advice. 

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I am getting cold air in the driver side vents but warmer ac in the right side vents.  THe gas was checked and psi indicated OK.  That brings us back to actuators.  Question: does anyone have a video for replacing the actuators  please thanks

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3 hours ago, Gary LaFleur said:

Where is the low pressure port on my 2011 xk8 coupe? Or should I just take the car somewhere to have them do it?

Halfords sell a full kit to do the re-gas job yourself. They will also do the job for you while you wait.

Best Wishes and Regards, John

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