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Where to find interior badge lettering?


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 Hi Folks,


 Just bought my first X Type and keen to get her in best order.


 One wee thing needing sorted is the interior badge lettering as you can see here.


 Can anyone advise where I can buy the entire badge or individual letters?


 Cheers in advance for any advice!


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Paul, I would have thought a trip to the main dealers or a breakers yard. If the latter take fine fishing line with you to remove and obviously super glue to attach. The advantage however of purchasing at the dealer although at a greater cost will be; the badge will no doubt come as a complete unit so that you just line it up and adhere. Take the remaining letters off with fishing line. Good luck

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Hi Paul, 


I have had a look round various sites --  Just Jags, Adams etc --  with little success.  I recognise the part in question from when I had an x type, but on mine the lid was missing totally!


Kenny has pointed you in the right direction.





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this decal has been put on by previous owner ,I did the same I got my mine of eBay just type in( Jaguar decals) you will find many to choose from ,like the 3D you seem to have to just transfers in all colours and sizes ,mine cost £4 99 free pp, good look,peterw

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