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Ipod connectivity


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Hi Paul,


I think there is some kind of ability to use these new fangled gadgets in cars but I don't have an iPod.


Having come from the days when having a radio in a car was an optional extra, I am more than happy with a CD interchanger in the boot  --  currently I have Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook, and two Ella Fitzgerald discs.


Some members will know how to connect an iPod.





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Hi Paul, do not have S-Type however my XKR came with an from the Arc cassette head unit and CD changer mounted in the Boot. There was not even the option of a usb port for plugging in an iPod.

Therefore, I decided to change the head unit for something more modern playing mp3, wav files etc and a usb socket for the iPod

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Yeh, bit of a shock for me too as I always played my music from a USB stick...! Anyway, if you don't want to mess with the current set up get a Parrot kit installed. There is a kit for about £140.00 (MKi9200) which will connect to your phone/download your contacts and stream music etc by bluetooth and also has hard wired connections for ipod, USB and 3.5mm jack. Widely available on Interweb and Halfords also stock a range of Parrott kits too. Obviously need to get it fitted but better option than replacing what's there and you can remove it to use on another car when/if you sell the Jag.

This should give you all everything you could possibly need I would have thought.



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Connects 2 device doesn't work with the later optical head unit so i've bitten the bullet and bought a CD changer instead. I'll just have to burn my music to CDs.


Now, can anybody tell me how to fit the boot mounted CD changer in an S Type please?

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