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I've recently bought a 2006 x-type 2.2 hdi SE and I love it. Only problem is that it only came with one key. I rang a Jaguar main dealer and they quoted well over £200.00. That's one hell of a price for a spare.


Does anybody know how or where I can by a spare fob and key any cheaper?


Any help would be appreciated



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Hi Don, and welcome to the club.


Jaguar main dealers, and main dealers of other makes too, are notorious for their charges.


A good locksmith will do as good a job for a portion of the cost.  I know of a few in the Midlands, but if you google "Auto Locksmiths"  I am sure that you will find one within reach.


There is an Auto Electrics Company in Leeds [a bit far] who will do the job while you wait, so it is not a big job.


Let us know how you get on.





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I got a spare key yesterday it is not a original Jaguar key and it doesn't have a button for switching on the headlights but it locks and unlocks and starts the engine so is fine as a spare. The cost? Including programming only £100.00. Great stuff. If I'd just wanted a microchipped key it would have only been £46.00. If you want the name of the garage let me know.


Thanks again



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