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Car unusable but part not available - can anyone help?


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I'm new to this forum so hope i'm not being too rude coming in straight away with a plea for help!


My husband owns a 2007 Jaguar S-type (57 plates, 2.7 diesel automatic) and we currently have an issue that we would really appreciate some help with from knowledgable Jaguar owners - I have been pointed in the direction of this forum by a friend of a friend.


Our issue is that around 6 weeks ago the car would not work at all - all error lights were on but the engine would not start.  AA were puzzled and eventually towed it to our local Jag dealership.  It was with them for a couple of weeks whilst they investigated the problem. 


It appears to be a fault with the engine wiring loom which we have been informed needs replacing.


4 weeks ago the dealership placed an order for the new loom, 2 weeks passed and they were told by Jaguar that there was no stock in the UK and that they would need to place an order for one to be made.  They placed this order.  A further 2 weeks later (i.e. this week) still no news so my husband called Jaguar direct to find out the situation (we have been without the car for 6 weeks at this point).


Jaguar called back yesterday to inform us that the part would not be available until at least August...this seems to be utterly bonkers.  How can it take 6 months to make a part.  I have no idea where this leaves us.  All the time the car is depreciating in value yet we cannot use it.  It's currently in the dealership workshop in pieces - they aren't going to want to keep it there for 6 months (or longer if their original estimated date slips) - we have nowhere to store it at home.


I am concerned that if we wait and the car has been left stationary for 6+ months there is a risk that something else will have gone wrong in the meantime.


We really don't want this issue to drag on for months and months, how do we stand, can we ask Jaguar to buy it off us based on the fact it is currently not repairable because they cannot supply us with the part - is it acceptable that they can take 6+ months to supply a part for a car that isn't that old?


Just don't know where to turn with this so any help appreciated.

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hi clare I am sorry to hear of your plight. I am kind off new on the site myself. old peter is the man for the job or Kenny they have more experience im sure one off them will reply to you soon. sorry I couldn't have been more off help kind regards joe

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Hi Clare, and welcome to the Club.


I am a bit late in answering you post [fitting a new cooker hood in kitchen] , but several members have given some good advice.


It does not surprise me that Jaguar, who like most motor manufacturers outsource practically everything other than body panels, are being dilatory in getting the part you need.  I will remind my car - the same year as yours - not to get sick like that.


Jim has suggested you give Chris Isles a call at the Jag Speciaiist in Doncaster, and if you were able to drive up to see him I am sure he would be able to help.  You could have a day out in the Peak District, too.


Most members have found that main dealers are more concerned with selling cars than fixing them, and if you could find a way to get the car up to Doncaster your problem could well be solved.


I hope that you soon get your car back on the road.





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Thanks for the replies so far. 



- I can't see the right type of loom on that website as it seems to be for much older s-types but will give them a call next week.

Unfortunately I dont have a part number as Jaguar were a bit coy about giving it - I expect to prevent me from searching elsewhere...


I will try and obtain further details from them.  Also someone sent me a link to a loom on eBay (sorry I think it might have been on the intros page) - I believe there are several types of s-type loom as apparently they differ depending on the type of lights and other options?? so i'm not sure if that is the right type - it also seems VERY cheap (the part is quoted at around £1200 from Jaguar I think).


Regarding Doncaster - the issue is that the car does not currently work and is in pieces at the Jaguar dealership, literally awaiting the part (we have been down and seen it and it is in bits!) so in order to get it elsewhere we would have to get them to rebuild it and pay to tow it somewhere else.  At that point I expect they would charge us labour for rebuilding it?


Is there anything I can do to get a better response from Jaguar - is a 6 month lead time a standard thing for a car of (relatively) young age?  Are they just hoping i'll go away and never need to supply the part (my worry is that come August there will be a further delay and on and on).  Is it a case of kicking up a stink and suddenly it can be obtained quicker or is it genuinely a 6 month lead time (I am amazed if it is as that is just ridiculous).


I've been told to try Honest John but not gone down that route yet, I am also happy to start escalating a complaint via Jaguar head office if it is likely to help?


If we end up literally having to wait it out is 6+ months of sitting in bits likely to cause any other issues?  I am so worried that we wait for 6 months and then get the part time find something else has seized up because it's been out of use for so long!

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Well guys, not very helpful to suggest the lady should drive to Doncaster, when her car is in bits in Leicester.(only 80 odd miles) I thought that some one could come up with a better idea than that.  Clare have you not got the workshop manual on CD. that would give you an idea of the part number. don't know gust suggesting. then perhapes an auto electric guy could make it up. Is there not another Jag freelance in Leicester. other than you know who.

Good luck


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Stan - will see if we have the manual CD to see if I can track down the part number.  I am wondering if there is anything more that can be done direct with Jaguar before we go down that route - especially as it's currently in the dealership workshop and I expect they will not want to fit a non-Jaguar part (or will they?).


We have always dealt with the local dealership for all services/MOT/repairs so not familiar with any other Jag garages although I can google to see if there are any around.

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personally I would drag it away from the dealership they have only one mission and unfortunately that is to empty your bank account as quickly as possible, I would then find a local mobile mechanic who is willing to come and take a look I would think they all have diagnostic equipment they can plug in these days 

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to be honest the whole brand disregards you as soon as your car is out of warranty I have had numerous problems with my 59 plate XF and to be honest I dont think I would consider Jaguar as a desirable brand again, although I have to say for the last 5 days the car has been fault free maybe I have cured it???? but unlikely lol

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im with jim on that. I have found that this site can for some reason or not seems to have more moderators than members. guys with only 100 posts . sorry  I don't want to be one. im not retired nor unemployed. I joined here fee free. I don't desire a mug or a tee shirt. I joined  for the love I feel for my present car, my first Jaguar, an xj. I like the car  a break from the germans for me. and if I can share the love I have for my car with other Jaguar users then all the better. firstly this lady asked for advice,i done my best not being mechanical minded to give her some, taking time to research  ie looking on other websites eBay ect to   help her in their plight and get her car back on the road . its better than the costly road shes going down. she will owe them money after taking the car but that's life some has deaf ears . in my my mind the gent offers good advice and I would like to commend you jim for all your hard work in getting the scots meet up and running looks great wish I could come(work stops me ) lord H spot on mate. all cars regardless of make model ect have faults. no doupt I will be black balled for speaking out by the old and decaying brigade that runs this friendly site  joe  

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Clare has a serious problem, and some good and expert advice has been given.


Certainly the biggest problem is that the car cannot be moved at the moment.


Main dealers in general do not want to use the route of mending something but rather swopping the offending part without considering whether or not that offending part can be fixed.


I hope members will continue to assist those needing advice without bickering with each as t which advice is better.


And in answer to another question, there are 4 moderators in the club whose job is basically to read all the posts and to make sure that all matters are conducted in a friendly manner.  I was the sole moderator and asked the Club Administration to increase that number to ensure the function [unpaid and without perks] operates properly.






P.S.  "The old and decaying Brigade" could have been put better such as "The experienced and tolerant People" 

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Thanks for all the replies - will do some ringing around Monday/Tuesday next week (in between work!) to see what options we have. 


I guess the final option to consider is to look to sell on in it's current state especially as we have had to manage without it for over 6 weeks already...I'll look into how/where might be interested as another consideration - especially as it's got a full service history and a new set of tyres on it!


Appreciate all the helpful tips and pointers.

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Hi Clare,


I do hope you get it sorted out to your satisfaction.


As I have said before, I have the same year of car as you have, and it is a nice car.  One of the things that you will have to do is to make sure you will not be overcharged for the work  needed, as being without the car for a long time is not something you want to endure for too long.


Best Wishes,



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Hi Clare,

I am new to the club myself and can sympathise with your plight. Main dealers unfortunatly plug the car into a diagnostic machine which tells them whats wrong with the car. In your case it seems to be the wiring loom for the engine and therefore want to replace it with a new part. Its easy for them. Can I suggest that you try to get a second hand part for your car from a scrap yard. There are plenty of Jaguar only scrap yards in the country and if you give them enough info on your car they could come up with the goods very quickly. This is only a suggestion and may be the quickest solution to your plight.

Best of luck,



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Hello - I just wanted to come back and thank everyone for their advice and comments.  After ringing endless places in search of parts and advice and not getting too far we decided to cut our losses and sell the car on in it's current state.


Unfortunately the car had just become too time consuming and expensive and we had neither the time nor the money to be able to resolve the situation.  The dealership had started being awkward and really wanted it shifting out of their workshop and with nowhere to store it at home it was becoming a real source of stress for us - if we had the space to store it we may have pursued the hunt for a suitable part but the whole thing was just becoming a burden.


The whole experience has sullied our whole view of Jaguar and I doubt we will ever purchase another one for fear of a repeat of this experience.  With that in mind I won't be back on this forum so just wanted to thank you all for your time in replying to my queries, it really did help narrow down our options and saved us wasting weeks and months battling with Jaguar head office to essentially get nowhere.

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it seems the usual no matter the car maker, once they get your money then that's it its down to the dealer to resolve  and make the peace. like me they are a franchise thank god we only sell food, but we get complaints all the time from the tomato slice not sitting  correctly on the burger I could go on and on. so we are similar in respect that we sell regardless off what the product to the public . whom can have a honest complaint .the  pr  dept is necessary in handiling any complaints and  we   invite them back to the store for a free meal. or give vouchers ect but you do get some complaining all the time for the freebies . my point is you have to have the right  services in place,  and a car regardless of make is many thousands of pounds compared to a burger meal but the principle is just the same. I am sure Jaguar is not alone in bad customer services. good workers are hard to find . joe

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