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I've just realized...


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That the ubiquitous centre console cup-holder can actually be hidden by the arm rest.


It has only taken me six weeks to work this out. :o


Oddly enough, most, if not all of the S Types I've seen have their cup-holders on display.


Are their owners like me or is it that people like them visible? I certainly don't. In my view it lets down the whole of the ambiance of the interior.

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Don't feel too bad, took me over a year.. And it was only when I retrofitted Jaguarvoice and a spare phone/armrest came bundled with the module that I twigged...

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Not only that but the cup holder just pops out leaving a nicely finished cubby if you don't use the cup holders................about 18 months to find that one!



Yes. Now I know that it can be covered up, removing the cup holder is an excellent idea for me :)

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