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Newbie after advice


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Hello, I own a 56 plate 2.7 diesel xs model and have a couple of item's I need advice on. How do you cancel the Satnav once you know the rest of the route. I was lost  (yes it does happen) and used the satnav to find the route home. Once I was on the M20 I knew the remaining route but could not cancel the satnav. The second item is that I have bought the Voice control module and wondered if it was simply plug and play. 

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The sat navs easy.

On the screen is a menu button, press that then the next page has route options, press that then on the right side of the screen you should have a cancel guidance button.

Press that then press yes to cancel.


If you have the phone kit then it should be straight forward.

Some have installed it and it worked off the bat, some needed a trip to the dealers to activate it.

Hope this helps.

A member called raistlin has fitted phone, bluetooth and voice along with the acm module and cdc with ease so it's definitely doable.

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Welcome to the Club, Garry.


Andy --  who knows his way round cars, and indeed, the S Type, has given you the answer to the SatNav question, and also the best contact for retrofit!





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