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Umbrella holder in boot.


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Has anybody managed to install an umbrella holder in the boot lid please?


I have a pair of clips en route, but the boot lid seems curved too much to be able to accept a full sized umbrella.

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hi Paul 

          may i ask where you got the clips from as i was thinking of doing the same thing with the x type est 

regards Ron 

I ordered them from fleabay Ron.


Here is the link:-




I did consider making something up with Velcro but decided that you'd need three hands to successfully store the umbrella :lol: The clips look reasonably simple and efficient.

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OK, I have my camera back so here are the promised photos:-








The extra weight of the umbrella has no effect on the ability of the boot-lid to auto open.


The clip kits come with steel baseplates with pre drilled holes so they can be secured through the trim panel with self tapping screws without having to drill into the metalwork of the boot-lid. The clips are spring loaded.


The boot-lid trim panel is so well endowed with securing clips that there is no sag because of the weight of the umbrella.


I used some high density foam which I had lying around and glued it to the back of the baseplates after fitting and before replacing the trim panel in the car to ensure no rattles.


Seems to work perfectly B)


The umbrella, if anybody is interested, is a genuine Jaguar item. As you can see it fits perfectly in terms of length and they are cheap as chips on fleabay.


Yes, the left hand clip looks slightly askew, but my Grandson did that one for me "to make sure I knew how to do it"  so I'm happy as it is. Not really noticeable in use :)

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