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Power Steering Problem

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Can anyone tell me why sometimes the power steering stops working at low speeds, when parking in bays at supermarket etc.  It happens often but not all the time. Engine temp doesn't seem to be relevant as it happens whether its hot or cold.


I've got it booked in for a new pump fitting Tuesday 9/6/15 but don't want to go to that expense if it could be something other than the pump.


Fluid levels are ok.


Thanks in advance  

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Welcome to the Club, Michael.


I am no engineer, but I would guess that if the level of the fluid is OK, and there are no leaks, then something is not working properly, and I think it could be the pump.


I had the power steering start to fail on me in a Rover, but I found a leak and the whole steering rack had to be replaced [under warranty].





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Hi Michael.

Before you fit a pump I would check the Power Steering pressure switch .??


I found this----The pressure switch senses the demand on the pump at low

                        engine speeds and increases the engine  speed to a pre-set minimum.???


So it could perhaps be the switch.????





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I would check on leakages first, as when pressure got low on my Jaguar, I discovered a leakage and simply replaced a steering hose (https://www.carid.com/power-steering-hoses/), and everything went fine. If you do not discover anything by yourself, you may simply take your Jag to diagnostics, and they will tell you the exact reason for a couple of minutes, in order not to guess.

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