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Few questions!


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Hi guys,

I bought myself a grey 2006 2.0d X-Type SE a couple of weeks ago. Love it so far!

Just a few questions though, I've got the built in touch screen display with sat nav. However I was just wondering if there was any to install an auxiliary lead? Or any way of connecting my iPod to play music without an FM Transmitter?

Also, are CD Changers cheap to pick up and install? Surprisingly can't find one in the car!

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Hi Ben, and welcome to the club.


Paul has pointed you in the right direction.


I am surprised that there isn't a CD changer in the car, although it could have been an optional extra.  I did have one in my 2005 X type.





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Thanks for the replies guys.


The car seems to have all the extras, other than the CD changer and electric folding mirrors!


The Audio Connectivity Modules seem to be around £200+, quite pricey! Are there any other routes to installing an aux input?


It also has a Bury hands free kit in, which has a 'music' option, which does play the music on my phone but not through the car radio/speakers? Is it at all possible to use the Bury hands free kit for this use? Just I have no instructions for it and I wondered if anyone with previous experience would know.




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There's no way to get into the D2B fibre optic audio chain other than the ACM Ben. They are expensive, if you can find one for £200 you have a bargain :)


Can you let me know where they are available for that price please Ben? One of my colleagues is after one but refuses to pay £380.


One advantage of using the ACM is, all of your audio, sat nav, phone, Jaguar Voice etc are connected together so the iPod becomes integral with the rest of the system, therefore controllable ( up to a point) from the touchscreen. If, as you say, the car has all the extras it will have the built-in hands free.


Presumably you have the sat nav DVD player in the boot? If so, connecting a CDC is simple B)


No experience with your handsfree kit Ben so can't comment.


What I will say though, and bear in mind please that music preferences are necessarily subjective, is that I heard an iPod being used via an FM transmitter in another S Type and I have to say that I wouldn't have the thing in my car under any circumstances. Don't forget, only my subjective opinion :lol:



BTW, are you sure your car doesn't have powerfolding mirrors? The reason I ask is that I didn't realize I had them on my car until I obtained a Jaguar priintout of my car's original spec.

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How do the powerfolding mirrors operate? I thought it was from a button near where the electric mirrors are controlled from?


I have the DVD player in the boot, so like you say, the CDC should be simple to fit. I'll try and find one for a reasonable price. 


Also, I can't seem to find the ACM for £200 now, I can only presume I found one for a newer Jaguar, because they seem to be priced more reasonably for the newer cars. Upon searching again the only genuine brand new one is £385! I'll keep an eye out on eBay and see if anything pops up there.


I agree about the FM Transmitters. I'd rather burn everything to CD and play my music that way!

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power folding mirrors operate with a button which is located in front of your electric window switches, also operate by pressing the lock button twice on your key.


Cheers! I definitely don't have the powerfolding mirrors!  

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It's tempting, but I imagine it'll be a bit of a hassle to do. I'm not too fussed about it to be honest! 



If my S Type hadn't had powerfolds I was going to have to retrofit them as my garage door is only just wide enough with both mirrors folded :D


Plus I like the way they fold in and out automatically when I lock and unlock the car :rolleyes:


My next retro-fit is 16 way heated seats :rolleyes:

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