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What a great idea


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This is not my idea. A friend of mine told me about it and he found it on another forum so, if the originator sees this, please accept this as my acknowlegement.

One thing I would have liked on my S Type is the driver's door mirror pointing downwards whilst reversing.

A close solution to this is, if you only have one regular driver, to set memory position two, the same as position one but with the mirror angled downwards so when you select reverse you just press memory two and achieve your required mirror aim, pressing memory one when reverse no longer required to reset to normal driving position.

In fact, I think I'll give some thought to enabling things such that selecting reverse automatically selects memory two and vice versa. Shouldn't be a difficult task owing to the fact that there is a readliy available reverse selected discriminant in the form of the reversing light signal :)

Yes, that shouldn't take me too long to sort out :)

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Well, that didn't take long :rolleyes:


Just over an hour, including time to interpret the wiring diagrams, lash up a prototype and test it in the car. Works perfectly.


All I need to do now is program a PIC for the timing and logic - simple enough to do.. AND work out the best way to get a single 20AWG wire from the driver's door into the car... hmm, good luck with that Paul - at the moment the test vehicle has a wire running under the driver's foot mat and in the door via the trim panel and SWMBO is NOT amused :lol:


Can anybody assist with that little task please? On the Rover 75 it was a pig to do using the in situ cable trunking betwixt door and body and I can't see the S Type being any easier.


The final module will be smaller than a box of matches and require five wires to be connected... and will be completely invisible :D


So now my S Type has automatic dipping of the driver's (and passenger's if required) door mirror whenever reverse is selected.


You know... thinking about it... I could probably do it without recourse to the car's memory function :rolleyes:


Will I never learn?

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I nearly had an s type I liked the look of it. but wanted a sports job was going to buy an 911 but seen the xk out off the blue and was hooked 3 weeks into new xj  miss the v8 roar enchanched exhaust and the looks. the wife used to say to me all the time people are looking at us. no dear its the car lol

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