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My car saved my life this morning


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A tribute to my S Type.


I was first at a set of traffic lights on red.


The lights changed and I started across the junction, only to see a car coming towards me at high speed from my left with no chance or intention of stopping for the junction.


There was a Police car behind the approaching vehicle, clearly in pursuit and I was in prime position to be "T-Boned".


I pushed the throttle hard and she answered admirably, with kick in the back acceleration, clearing the junction with a fraction of a second to spare.


That was quite as close as I ever want to be to such a situation.





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Don't know about Traffic Cop Andy, but the police car was right on his tail so I might well see the driver in Court in the not too distant future, but I suppose I'll have to recuse myself from the case seeing as how I'd probably be considered prone to bias against some twonk who almost killed me AND almost damaged my beloved car. :lol:

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Something similar happened to me locally only days after buying my Jag, when an older chap started to reverse out on me. It was too late to stop so floored it to escape. Made it by an inch or two but impressed by the responsiveness. The cat leaped and I was sooo proud of her.

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