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hi kim and welcome to the club, lots and lots of s-type members here you will get loads of advice, if needed and from the best wee country in the world tae. lol

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Hello I'm and a big welcome to the JAGUAR OWNERS CLUB. As Charles have already expressed there is a school of knowledge throughout the big Cat's range of cars therefore, any issues then ask away

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Welcome to the Club. Kim.


The s type is a great car, and the 2.7 litre Diesel is a very good engine if you treat it well.


There are a couple of things to remember.  The V6 has two EGR valves than can get a bit dirty, and the cheap way to clean them is a good blast occasionally.  The next cheapest is a can of Wynns EGR Cleaner [Diesel]


A terraclean service also is beneficial and the cost of around £120  ---  check it out on the Internet.


I use Shell v power, which has improved mpg and performance.


Now just enjoy the Jaguar experience.





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Thanks guys for the welcome. Hubby is a mechanic so he has been told he better look after the big cat or else lol

Some people have all the luck :lol:


Welcome to the club Kim.

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