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2006 s type 2.7 sport


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Hi Paul, and welcome to the club :)


I'm sure you will end up with a comprehensive list but here are a couple to start you off:-


Try to exhaust the brake servo vacuum. With the engine running and while driving you should not be able to do so but the servos in the diesel are becoming a bit notorious for Oil contamination, leading to loss of vacuum. They way to check is to keep pressing the brake, releasing and pressing again. If the vacuum exhausts you will get a hard and unrespinsive brake pedal.


Check the sills under the plastic covers for rust.


Make sure you can't smell exhaust fumes in the interior. The two exhaust connections by the cats are prone to stress crcks and can cost a fortune to replace.


Make sure ALL the electircs are working. Nothing electrical is cheap to fix on these cars.


Having started off on a pessimistic note, I'm sure you won't see all of those things :)

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Probably not so much an issue on the age you're after, but some of the early ones can rust badly on the rear subframe, so a poke around underneath to ensure everything's in order is worth the time. Unusual tyre wear could signify suspension wear or damage but this is non Jag specific, here's some links:





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I concur with the sills comment. Prone to rust under the plastic covers.


The 2.7 diesel is the only one with a timing belt so make sure it's been done or haggle a discount to cover the cost of getting it done.


Make sure there is no lack of power, The EGR valves can get clogged and if they wont clean then you are looking at a £700 bill for new ones.


Check for water ingress in boot, a common fault and that's where the battery is, so not great.


If the car has the straight out exhaust then you should also have the particulate filters checked via emissions check. If the exhausts turn down to the ground it won't have particulate filters.



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Hi Guys (and girls of course).


Recently purchased a 2.7 sport with quite high mileage (105,000) but before I even think about driving my car, I am going to give it a full, and I mean a full service. Diff Oil changed, gearbox Oil and sump changed and all the usual filters etc. However, the timing belt is I job I am not looking forward to doing and this is my problem. The main timing belt at the front of the engine seams straight forward enough but I am a little confused as I keep hearing of a rear belt. Is this belt actually at the rear of the engine or is this a reference to being behind the other timing belt at the front of the engine.

Is this a job for a reasonably competent diy mechanic or should I entrust a garage to perform this task?


Martyn (new member)

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The rear belt is for the diesel pump timing and is recommended changing at 150k and yes it's at the back of the left hand side bank.

When you've got the front off you may as well change the water pump.

Don't forget to change the aux belt too

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