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cannot apply parking brake message


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Prob someone will come up with the right answer? But I would prob disconect battery for a bit and see if it resets it's self? But you may have to rest windows and radio. After battery disconect. But as I say prob somebody come back with the right way.

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The parking brake should go into an interactive calibration if you've had the battery dis-connected so I'd agree with that being the first thing to do.


The calibration procedure is outlined in your car's handbook. If you don't have a handbook I can tell you what to do :)

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I had the same problem with mine which proved to be very expensive to resolve. I tried disconnecting the battery and performing the EPB reset which worked, however as soon as I tried to re-apply the handbrake the message came up again.  I thought it might be the battery so I spent £120 on a new battery which didn't resolve the problem.  A couple of weeks later I drove to my local recycling center and didn't notice the handbrake had actually applied when I took the key out of the ignition.  When I went to drive off I got "Cannot release parkbrake"! and it was stuck on.  I called my local Jag mechanic who took the car to the garage (for a reasonable £80).  When they tried diags on the EPB module It didn't respond so the garage suggested a new module which cost me £350.  When the new module was fitted it reported a faulty motor which also cost £350. 


I now have a working handbrake, but it cost me £900 to get it fixed. 

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Re-calibrated handbrake-----------------success.

Thought another bill was  on the horizon !

Thanks for help.


Only trouble is--The monster in law is staying at the moment, and I was using handbrake as an excuse for not taking her to kendal shopping.!!

I see an hour pushing her round marks and spencer looming. :unsure: 

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