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OK. Who bought it


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just off flea bay just now nice xtype green low miles as seller says 88000   03plate looks nice but dated price £1850 or best offer. heck  you may be looking at the next uk taxsi fleet at that price could buy couple hundred off them haha

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which one of us bought the s type model of eBay

Not I.


I bought mine the first week I had my S Type :)


It was one of these:-




But in silver.

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out for a drive last nite  she was going on and on and on was stuck at a set of fxxxx traffic lights for seemed hours was wound up , trying not t listen to her but at the same time saying to myself shut the fxxx up (sorry for swearing but army background, ) for the first time in my life did not know that I was taking a panic attack . have been shot at more times than I have had hot dinners been bombed grenades thown at me jumpted out off planes (parachute on mind you) haha  than I can remember and for the first time in my life I am stuck at traffic lights car in front taking years to move and ive got the seat belt off and going out the car. were you going she said  out the fxxx from here I said. door open . light turns to green. I take the first turn to the left pull in . the feelings gone thank fxxx . she said you ok I said yes dear im fine now, fxxx wemen

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